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  • Movement Assessment

    Coach provides movement assessment and solution.
  • Personal Training

    One-on-one training, in a safe/legal capacity.

SoWal CrossFit at NWFL Fitness

Discover your inner-fitness in a safe and encouraging environment! We strive to improve the physical and mental capabilities and capacity of each of our members, no matter what your fitness-related goals may be. Learn more about our CrossFit Kids & Youth Development Program, Lifting Futures for ages 8 - 17, SoWal CrossFit, and individualized Personal Training. NWFL Fitness is the #1 choice for locals and visiting fitness enthusiasts! Located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, just north of 30A on 83 NORTH.

Customized Training

Personalized programming and modifications for your unique body type and physical capacity, plus guidance and encouragement in a safe environment.

Professional Trainers

A unique culmination of coaches, trainers and instructors provide members with a holistic approach to setting and achieving their goals.

Lifting Futures

CrossFit Kids Class & Youth Development focusing on helping your teen develop positive habits that improve their mind and body and health.

Holistic Fitness Facility

NWFL Fitness takes CrossFit very seriously, and offers additional fitness routines to help keep your experience fun and unique.


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It’s hard to find coaches as dedicated to proper training as Matt and Megan.

“It’s hard to find coaches as dedicated to proper training as Matt and Megan. I have been training with NWFL Fitness for about 6 months now and have never felt more at home in a gym. Having grown with NWFL since their gym was in a garage has been amazing. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. I would recommend NWFL Fitness and it’s training staff 11/10 times!” – Tim Haney

I have found something I will stick with because it is challenging, fun and rewarding

“I highly recommend Coach Matt Titus and SoWal CrossFit.  I just recently started working out again and was having a hard time finding something that I enjoyed and a place where I felt comfortable. After a recommendation from a friend I tried SoWal CrossFit for the first time with Matt and found both something I enjoyed and the friendly comfortable environment I was looking for. What I really like is that for the first time in a long time I have found something that I know I will actually stick with because it is extremely challenging, fun and rewarding.” – JD Coleman

SoWal Crossfit has helped me get to the next level of fitness.

“Matt Titus and SoWal Crossfit has helped me get to the next level of fitness. Small class sizes, positive energy and the right amount of challenge are the ingredients that has me looking forward to the next workout!” – Bob Dickhaus