Getting Started

Zoned Theory Introduction

Once you decide to officially step into the ZONE you will need to schedule and participate in a 30 minute introduction session. During this session one of our instructors will take readings of your resting and peak heart rate. This will allow us to identify where to place your target Heart Rate ZONE that will be streamed live during your workouts! No actual Heart Rate or Calorie count will be displayed during your workout, only your ZONE that has been customized to your personal peak and resting Heart Rate.

You will also be assigned your own chest-strap Heart Rate monitor and we will sync your monitor with our system. When you check-in for your next Zoned Thoery class, the system will recognize who you are and your assigned Heart Rate monitor automatically.

Zoned Theory introduction, HR Testing, and equipment syncing is $160. We do offer a heart rate device rental program for the Ant+ HR device which decreases the Zoned Theory introduction cost by -$60, making your Zoned Theory Introduction $100. These charges are separate from the class/membership packages, and are a one-time charge to new Zoned Theory members.

Getting Started

What to Expect

  • Wear gym clothes, you may sweat reaching your max HR
  • You will need to fill out a waiver for ongoing training
  • We ask you place a credit card on file with us, but NO CONTRACT is needed
  • A deposit of $25 is required to schedule your Zoned Theory Intro