Exclusive to NWFL Fitness

NWFL Fitness has officially launched our HR Monitoring Class, Zoned Theory, powered by the BURN Track programming!

Zoned Theory is available 9am on weekdays to anyone ready to BURN fat for 30 minutes! Plus live heart rate monitoring from MyZone to track your effort.

This fast paced cardio class features the BURN programming, the perfect combination of cardio & body movements packed into a 15 warm/up and a 30 minute BURN session. The Zoned Theory class also features reoccurring benchmark BURN session which participants can use to track their results.

Discover how live HR training can help you maintain your target Heart Rate Zone to access your Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), in some cases this is known as the afterburn. Allowing you to spend more time training in this heart rate zone helps ignite your EPOC!

What does this mean to you? When you leave our Zoned Theory class your body will still be exerting energy and taking in so much oxygen to repair the body and muscles used during training that you will continue to burn calories for approx 24 hours post-workout!