CrossFit was officially my 1st true healthy obsession. Yoga is my escape, and doubles as my active-recovery. I’m a Pisces so I loved to swim, surf, paddle, and anything related to the water but functional fitness resonated in a way nothing else had. As an individual that fell victim to addiction, thankfully I was able to prioritize fitness over prior vices until finally embracing sobriety in June of 2012. My love for fitness and all things Yoga was uncovered after two children and many years of scale stepping, although throughout high school I was consistently encouraged to join the ladies basketball team for a blatantly obvious resource, height, 6′ to be exact. And I did. And I was no good. At least not according to my standards. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy being the youngest female on varsity. I was intimidated, uncomfortable in my body, I felt out of place, so I did what most would, I quit.

CrossFit, I have not quit. Fitness and natural health has altered the course of my life. Ownership of my body has allowed for success in all areas of life. Challenges, community, awareness, trust, and strength have created a foundation for growth both internally and externally for myself and my entire family. We continue to discover our courage by exposing our deficiencies and allowing ourselves to move forward and progress. Fitness has been the catalyst for this incredible journey that I continue on and I am blessed to be in an environment to promote and encourage positive change for like-minded individuals.

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Training Staff Coordinator, CFL1 Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Diet & Nutrition Management


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids Trainer
  • 4+ Years Group & Personal Training


  • Strength Development
  • Behavioral Guidance
  • Weight & Nutrition Management
  • Yoga - RYT200