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CrossFit Certified Judge
CrossFit Level One Trainer
Concept Rowing Instructor

Shortly after giving Community College a try I quickly realized that the classroom environment was NOT for me and decided I wanted to shoot things and jump out of airplanes, so I enlisted in the Army Airborne Infantry. I traveled to foreign countries, served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and was recognized for my achievements and actions while in the Service. I did not like having to fill out paperwork to use the bathroom, nor did I think someone should tell me what to do because they have been there longer than me. It was these and a slew of other reasons that I did not reenlist.

Upon exiting the Army I maintained a soldier’s mindset, but only within my own mind. During my transition from active duty military to being a civilian, and bouncing around the VA system, I then succumbed to excessive alcohol use, prescription drug abuse, and only THOUGHT I was the soldier that once fought wars, risked his life for brothers and sisters, and did whatever it took to get the job done. After marriage to my wonderful wife and after having 2 perfect children I continued to float through life making decisions for the wrong reasons, unaware that my everyday actions were grooming my children for their future lifestyles.

It wasn’t until December 2011 that my wife and mother in-law gifted me a 6 week trial to a CrossFit gym. This was another turning point in my life and for once it was a positive one. I developed a desire to not drink, not smoke, and change my habits to improve my performance as an athlete, for the sake of CrossFit, PR’s and fitness benchmarks. CrossFit acted as a catalyst for me to make positive changes for myself as an individual, a father and a husband. It empowered me to make the positive changes I needed to rediscover the soldier that I once knew, the soldier I knew I was, the soldier I am now.

Only 2 years later I realized that I absolutely love coaching! I enjoy having my positive attitude rub-off on people in the best of ways, I love that my expertise can impact an individual in more ways than just improving their fitness capacity. I genuinely enjoy watching each of my clients develop positive habits, and  create changes that help them grow physically and mentally. It is very rewarding to successfully pilot someone through their individual athletic development process. Everyday I coach I face a new set of challenges and when those challenges are met, as a coach I am provided with a new set of rewards.