The BURN Track #burntrack

Burn Track Workouts

CrossFit isn’t for every body.

You see, some people take longer to get going which causes them to not reach the necessary levels of intensity required to put the cardiovascular system into an anaerobic state. Basically, this leaves participants without the benefit of jump starting the metabolism through short bursts of high intensity movements. BOO! Issues with being able to reach the required level of intensity vary, and may include someones limited mobility, a pre-existing medical condition, and many more. A lot more!

What’s the fix? BURN Track programming from NWFL Fitness! The BURN Track is a 45 minute, coach-guided, group fitness class geared towards dedicating more time to burning calories, and less time to building muscle. Every session includes a 15 minute warm-up/cool-down and a unique 30 minute sweat-sesh comprised of a cardio component (running, rope skips, rowing, burpees, etc) combined with body movements which focus on core and glute development.

You will run into a barbell now-and-again, but weights remain extra light and you quickly learn how awesome you feel when you introduce a new discipline to your fitness routine! Live Heart Rate Monitoring from MyZone allows participants to track the effort put-forth during a workout, helping you better understand your results.

Drop-ins are welcome to experience the BURN Track Mon – Sat at 9am! Pre-purchase your 5 Class Pack or 10 Class Pack to be able to use the HR Monitors provided by NWFL Fitness. See you on the floor!