Ninja Fit

“Kickin’ It!” in our Ninja Fit Karate Fitness Program, powered by Kickin’ Flips, provides each student with many life-long benefits, to include eye-hand coordination and everyday disciplines.

Our program is structured specifically for children ages 4-6yrs and was developed by Master Kirt Galiano, 4th degree Black Belt in Tang-Soo-Do and owner/ chief instructor at UMAA Haddonfield, NJ.

Our innovative and exciting curriculum covers various kicks, blocks, punches, self-defense, obstacle courses and fun fitness activities.

Building character is also very important in our program focusing on self-discipline, self-confidence and leadership.

Fighting is discouraged.

Additional benefits include stranger awareness, healthy eating habits and fitness for creating a healthy mind in a healthy body.

For your convenience classes are conducted at in a safe, fun and exciting environment!