Martial Arts

Our dedication to UMAA is to train our students to be well rounded and effective martial artists! It’s that simple. We always train with an emphasis on establishing the value of teamwork, respect, self-discipline and challenging themselves to improve all aspects of their lives.

We are a Black Belt School. Our structured and age appropriate curriculum is designed for students ages 5yo and older to advance from white belt to black belt and beyond. Our proven approach to training kids, teens and young adults has been tested and proven effective for each of the age groups, 5 – 7 | 8 – 12 | 13+

Providing an innovative approach to teaching Tang-Soo-Do, kids will learn traditional strikes, punches, kicks and forms in addition to our street-smart practical self-defense system.

In our martial arts program students are taught how to be self-reliant, how to respond to bullying, when to react and when NOT to react, and how to properly respond to peer pressure and other situations all kids may encounter during their day-to-day life.

Students also learn how to defend themselves in dangerous situations.