First 2 FREE

Our Short Story

We LOVE fitness. To us, there is NO better feeling than the one you get when you decide to empower your health! Our Fitness Facility is unlike any other along 30A or around Santa Rosa Beach and we want you to learn it for yourself. No two classes are the same, so we want you to get a well rounded experience before you decide to become an official member!

The First 2 Sessions are FREE for any and all new local members. There are a few things you can expect based on the class-type you decide to participate in. Though we know you are sure to get a workout in, your ability to experience the community within our facility and leave with a better understanding as to what classes best meet your needs is what we are hoping you’ll achieve by the end of your 2 FREE sessions.

First 2 FREE

What to Expect

  • Zoned Theory: You won't be synced to our system or see live Heart Rate data
  • CrossFit: You'll go light, and your workout will be modified based on experience
  • Lifting Futures: Simply show up with a great attitude, it's going to be fun!