CrossFit Coach Training & Development

There is a growing demand for Coach Training and SoWal CrossFit has dedicated resources and curriculum available for coaches seeking the chance to develop/sharpen their eye, learn/enhance communication skills, and learn/improve visual, tactile and verbal cues for correcting technique and form.

Below are the requirements to be considered for SoWal CrossFit Floor Coach position. Coach development is available for Coaches not currently staffed at SoWal CF. Please inquire with us directly to discuss opportunities in further detail.

Floor Coach Qualifications 
  • Valid/Current CFL1, NASM, or ACE (CFL1 required to Coach CrossFit Classes)
  • At least 60 Group Fitness Management hours
  • Valid Driver License
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • 20 ‘Shadow’ Hours at SoWal CrossFit
Floor Coach will;
  • be required to coach at least 1 class per week in exchange for their monthly membership.
  • be paid $25/per class, after the 1 class per week requirement is met.
  • be provided opportunities for ongoing education and new certifications after 6 consecutive months on staff.
  • be provided regular guidance and feedback on their ‘coached classes’ from their peers.
  • be required to shadow the first 30 minutes of any other coaches class weekly.
  • provide proper notice if/when not able to coach scheduled classes
  • be provided, therefore must wear, SoWal CF branded shirts when coaching classes.
  • have access to the floor with approval from the Floor Manager (Coach John)
  • split any revenues (60% Coach/40% SoWal) generated by providing services on the floor outside of regularly scheduled classes.
  • determine if a MEMBER may workout or mobilize alongside their class based on the class size and safety of our members.
  • workout regularly at SoWal CrossFit (local box drop-ins are encouraged)
  • make an effort to attend Tuesday 10am Team Meeting, and/or inquire for details regarding the programming on your day(s) to coach.
  • understand and be able to execute the Gym Opening Procedure (written procedures to be provided)
  • be proficient in Square POS, Wodify Check-in Process, GymNext Timer, Sonos App, and the MyZone HR activation.